From Classic to Classic Chic

Wow, it is already Week 6 of Calling it Home's One Room Challenge. How quickly time passes when engrossed in a complicated but exciting project.
As I mentioned in my earlier blogs, my decoration inspiration for the basement renovation was completely nostalgia-induced - from my mother's exquisite living room to my fathers' work habits. I was a fortunate child. Growing up, my father and step father were both wonderful role models for me and they taught me many things, but more than anything, they taught me how to do hard work myself. The one taught me how to paint, catch a fish and how to camp, while the other taught me how to flip houses and be thrifty. I utilize these lessons every day in my profession.

The lesson I want to stress to all homeowners and potential homeowners is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a fabulous and beautiful home. You simply need creativity and desire.

I found this challenge to be particularly difficult to complete in the condesed amount of time and with a minimal budget due to the size of the room. The budget in particular meant that all work was done by me, and that all of the furnishings, accessories, and art are not grand nor are they expensive.
This room is perspiration and creativity at its finest.

All professionals like to pretend that our skills are so refined that our work is naturally flawless and easy, but the truth is, that facade is an insane amount of work. Think about runway models. None of those ladies and gentlemen wake up like that. The truth of the matter...

...My hand shakes like everyone elses, so all of those intricate lines were made thanks to pinstriping tape from an auto parts store.

...I needed a new floor at minimal cost, so rather than investing in new flooring, I painted the tile and coated it with polyurethane.

...There was not budget for a new sink, so I painted the sink like I did the floors. The sink is not complete yet, because I intend to paint a plaid pattern in it
like the walls, but the initial coats are down.

...I cheated about as much as you can on the fireplace. The detailing already existed, I just took a dry brush and skimmed the detailing to make it pop.

...The wine rack was actually designed 10 years ago. I painted it black, but for some reason the wine keeps disappearing.

...I took the tall bamboo sculpture from storage and simply painted it to give it a fresh look.

...There is nothing quite like remodeling to find all of the areas you don't clean. The fireplace screen was going on, oh, let's just say 10 years. I can actually see the fire again.

...My neighbor, Larry, deserves an enormous thank you. He saved my back patio which was a complete disgrace from neglect. I realized that it would be featured in the final photos. He graciously came over and trimmed the bushes, weeded, and cleaned it up since my husband was away at work.

...My husband and son are incredible. They patiently put up with my obsession of working on this project every night for the past six weeks, and my son's room is next to the challenge room which meant he was climbing through a massive mess for over a month. He never once complained. 

...Lastly, a special thank you to Sally Turner of Stella Studios and my assistant Kelsey Smedley for helping to finalize and capture the end result.

Despite all of the challenges and lack of sleep, I am absolutely thrilled with how the room turned out. By far my favorite area is now the futon behind the sofa which serves as a place to look out the window. I love being able to enjoy the gorgeous backyard that my sweet husband so meticulously maintains.

I'm sure my son and his friends will not appreciate the sudden change to their teenage hangout, but I know Paul and I will enjoy it with family and friends for years to come, and I love that it reminds me of my childhood living room everytime I am down there.