Office Renovation: A gift for my husband

Beautiful photography courtesy of Keith Borgmeyer

Oh, Week 6…

I am going to define my mental and physical status this week as exhaustive ecstasy. I go through periods where I seem to forget that I lack super powers and am governed by silly things such as time, and you know, that whole sleep requirement.

It has been a very long and trying week. Three Parade of Home stagings, four days running my boutique store – Alley 108, my normal workload, and the office renovation, has left me feeling…well…you pick the expletive of your choice. I even resorted to turning my phone off for four days to create some sense of induced calm. I am a bit terrified to turn it back on now for fear that it will overheat and combust due to the amount of incoming emails and missed calls and texts.

But the good news…I  am thrilled with how Paul’s office turned out.

Aside from the sheer amount of work this week, naturally, new hurdles arose.

First, the drapes – I had a vision of creating Union Jack drapes that were reflective of war-torn, salt-encrusted, old ship flags. To create this look, I ordered two 6x12' British nylon flags which needed to frame 13' of a 14' ceiling and created a distressed and antiqued look by wiping on an antique glaze. Since the drapes fell short of the 13’, I bought red nylon fabric and distressed it like the flags and added it to the drapes.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, I went from wanting two drapes to wanting four drapes, which meant I had to cut the flags in half. To give the drapes some heft, I sewed the flags onto my former window panels. All was going well until not one, but two, sewing machines bit the dust. Thank goodness for E6000 heavy duty glue! I completely rigged the construction, but they look amazing!

Once the drapes were complete, I tied them to my existing finials instead of hanging them from a rod. 

The chandelier I picked is from Elk lighting and the lamps are manufactured by Adesso. My LEDs came in, so I thankfully will not be sweating my husband out of his office. The chandelier provides a striking contrast to the blue and gray paint so artfully applied by Jeff White with Midwest Remodeling.

The Aviator desk provides a texturized mechanical look to the room, which is balanced by the natural wood and leather of the desk chair. 

I wanted to give the office a clutter-free look, but Paul wanted to incorporate his art, so I hung it all together on one wall. We are lovers of original art and value supporting local artists.

It has been an intense but incredible 6 week renovation and I couldn’t be happier.

Now I am going to celebrate with a glass of wine, and perhaps, sleep.