Office Renovation: A gift for my husband

It is Week 5. Week 5 has not been a friend to me. I bring you this post in a state of complete exhaustion being fueled by a very large glass of wine. 

I love wine. 

Interior design is an exhilarating and exciting field of work. I absolutely love it, but like all work, bad weeks happen.

Week 5 was a week of chaos. The exquisite chandelier calls for 20 bulbs at 60 watts each. That seems fine in theory, but put that directly above your head and a cool, inspiring office, becomes an uninspiring sweat lodge. LEDs are required which means more ordering and more waiting.

The flag fabric came for my amazing drapes! I began sewing, and well...not so amazing. More ordering and waiting.

And so I sit, very briefly, in my chaotic space. Very little change since last week but a lot more frustration. The one perk of being a designer is that you get very little time to wallow in self-pity. Onto finishing a painting, 3 stagings, 2 new home designs, and custom cabinet and counter 
selections all due this week. Perhaps the office frustrations were a forced reprieve to allow me to focus on my other tasks.



It is Week 4 of the renovation which means we are 2/3rds of the way there! My husband's office is slowly transforming into a space that truly represents his personality and showcases his passions. I am having an absolute blast working to capture his charm, wit, and drive in the design of this room. I can't wait to see him utilizing the space!

My focus this week has been on finding key pieces of furniture and artistic accents. The aviator desk arrived and I couldn't be more thrilled with this piece. It adds a sleek, technical, and modern look to the room while also adding some simplistic texture. The use of texture is a critical component in design that is frequently overlooked. 

I also added a dark blue sideboard which mimics the color of the ceiling  and provides a bold contrast against the gray walls. 

My fabric arrived for me to create the curtains so this next week will be filled with plenty of sewing time!

The office chairs, chandelier, lamps, and unique motorcycle helmet hooks are due to arrive over the next few days. 

It is coming together.


How quickly time goes! I cannot believe it is already time for another update.

This week’s focus on Paul’s home office was all about determining what colors to utilize on the walls, trim, and ceiling. Now, telling a designer to decide on colors is comparable to telling a child to only pick out one piece of candy in a candy shop. The seemingly endless options creates a sense of giddiness and intimidation all at the same time. It is easy to let yourself become absorbed in one seemingly simple task and very quickly realize the hours have swept away. I counteract this time suck by creating a vision board and deciding in my mind the general approach and color scheme I want to utilize before ever going to the paint store. This is how I save myself from drowning in a pile of swatches.

I am wanting to create a bold contrast between the ceiling and the walls of the office, while maintaining a luxuriously modern and airy feel throughout the room. For colors, I selected Sherwin William’s “Gauntlet Grey” (can’t get much more masculine sounding than that) for the wall color and Benjamin Moore’s “Deep Royal” (an unintentional but appropriate nod to my husband’s British upbringing) for the ceiling. Benjamin Moore's Aura paint was used for the walls and ceiling. It is slightly pricier but when properly applied, requires less paint ultimately saving you money. The prominent colors are crisply divided by trim in “Navajo White.” I decided to keep the trim color the same since it is what currently runs throughout the house and my schedule cannot accommodate that scale of project at this point! I am also in the middle of painting all of the doors in my office black, but have yet to see if that will be appropriate for Paul’s office.

Due to time constraints and to ensure the paint job was done quickly and professionally, I hired my friend, Jeff White, who owns Midwest Remodeling to fill the holes and paint the room.

My canvas is now ready.

This upcoming week is all about furniture. I am wanting a steam punk inspired room without the extreme feel. I am searching for a storage cabinet to replace the white one that is currently in there and am looking for a distressed leather office chair and a bold chandelier.

And my Brit will get his touch of England. The flag curtains are ordered.


I stand in silence as I look around at the vast emptiness of the office. The once semi-traditional space is now void except for the pale green walls and contrasting white trim surrounding me.

The sun cascades through the window and casts the pane's pattern onto the carpet. It is ready for the renovation. The possibilities are endless.  So what am I going to do? Give in. 

It's true. I've officially given in. I've decided to embrace Paul's Belstaff-loving look and British upbringing and meld that with sophisticated luxury and his passion for motorcycles. I like to refer to it as modern day gothic. Think Frankenstein's castle in the 21st century. We've all envisioned
that, right? 

I will be starting with an English punk feel and incorporating elements of soft, vintage leather, the sleek lines of modern furniture, rustic features, and blue and red accents. 

This room will truly reflect his personality. I figure, I have my style spread throughout the rest of the house, the least I can do is give him a space that is strictly designed for him. I'll just overlook the fact that my gift to him is intended for work and not relaxation.

Love you, honey!


I love my husband.  He is my best friend and my tireless supporter. He is my metaphorical rock. It is a rare and wonderful human being that both accepts and encourages another person’s dreams even if that may mean periods of extreme exhaustion and frustration. His unbreakable love, faith, and support of me is incredibly humbling, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t recognize how truly rare that is.

So what am I going to do to thank him for his endless encouragement?

I am going to redesign his office.

Let’s be honest, I just want to redo his office. I’m sick of it. I’m bored. I recently got rid of his large, dark, heavy desk which helped, but I’m tired of the green walls, neutral curtains and minimal furniture.  I have been renovating the whole house and his room of solitude is begging to be interrupted. But…I’m working on my PR skills and it sounds much more loving and caring if I say it is for him. 

You’re welcome honey. You lucky man, you.

My selfless (wink) redesign of his office corresponds beautifully with Calling It Home’s semi-annual One Room Challenge, so I am excited to be sharing weekly updates of this renovation with both my regular readers and Calling It Home ’s supporters. 

I am sharing the before photos with you this week and will be officially starting the renovation next week. I particularly dislike the curtains because they are far too stuffy and traditional for my husband's personality. He is a motorcycle racer so I want to somehow capture the cool factor with a metal aviator's desk and a sleek office chair. I will probably keep the white sideboard but will definitely be changing the window treatments, wall and ceiling color, and the light fixture.  
I am excited to share my process with all of you and, as always, would love to hear your feedback as I work through the project.  

Here we go!​